How to Troubleshoot a Warm Tub Heater

I have been asked this dilemma by so numerous consumers. Why won’t my scorching tub warmth up? I have talked individuals via this system above the cell phone and have sent them a listing of facts on how to examination the spa heater them selves. I do not generally recommend that an finish consumer consider to troubleshoot their own spa. Doing the job with electrical power can be unsafe and operating with energy and water can be fatal. It is generally suggested to get hold of a qualified assistance technician for any troubleshooting. That reported, numerous persons are much more than capable of troubleshooting their possess spa heater and this information will help them.

Spa & Hot Tub Heater Troubleshooting Manual

An quick to stick to Spa & Hot Tub heater Troubleshooting Information. Troubleshooting a spa heater can be a basic method if you have the right tools.

Notice: This troubleshooting guide is intended for properly trained spa services pros. It is not recommended for the spa owner to troubleshoot their personal spa.

Resources you will have to have to have are:

A Multimeter, to examine voltage, and a Clamp on Amp Meter, to check for amp attract at the factor. You can not properly troubleshoot a Spa heater ingredient without these resources.

Multi-Meter: Utilised to check for voltage at the heater factor terminals.

Amp Meter: Applied to verify for amp attract by the heater ingredient.

You will also will need different hand resources. Screw motorists, Pliers, open up conclusion wrenches, etcetera.

Be aware: Spa ought to be complete of h2o and in usual working condition to perform these tests

To examination the heater component, you will have to: Look at voltage at heater element

1. Transform Power off to spa. (This implies to shut off supply voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Open machines region and track down the heater assembly.
3. Open up the spa heater assembly to expose the heater terminals.
4. Make sure all other wires and connections are away from the heater terminals.
5. Open spa filter housing and get rid of filter. Change filter lid and protected for operation.
6. Double verify region all over heater terminals to make confident you have obtain to the terminals with the multi-meter probes, with no the hazard of touching other contacts.
7. Try to remember, when you re-utilize electricity to spa, you will be working with 240 volts of electrical energy. H2o and electricity do not combine.
8. Make absolutely sure no h2o is close to the terminals exactly where you will be functioning. Also, make absolutely sure you are not kneeling or standing in water even though testing for voltage at the heater terminals.
9. Re-utilize electric power to spa and switch thermostat up to trigger heater to come on. Hear to spa to see if operation seems normal.
10. Change multi-meter on and plug probes into the meter as directed by the meter instructions. You will be screening voltage.
11. Cautiously area a single probe on 1 of the component terminals.
12. Meticulously area the second probe on the other heater terminal.
13. Read through your multi-meter for voltage at the element.
14. Clear away the two probes, and compose down the voltage you read from your exam.
15. Turn power off to spa. If you acquired “” volts at the heater terminal, your difficulty is most likely not the heater component. If you received the right voltage at the heater terminals, you have to now look at for amp attract at your heater.

Look at amp draw at heater ingredient

1. Turn electric power off to spa. (This indicates to shut off resource voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Discover wires that link to the spa heater terminals.
3. Clamp a person wire that goes to your heater aspect, with your amp-meter.
4. Make sure all wires are protected and protected for operation.
5. Re-utilize electric power to your spa and switch thermostat up to bring about heater to appear on.
6. Test amp-meter to see if amps are remaining drawn by your heater component.
7. Turn Power off to spa.
8. Publish down the amp studying from your amp-meter. If you obtained an amp reading from your heater. Your heater element is doing the job. You need to appear for challenges elsewhere.

*I f you been given the good voltage at the heater terminals, but gained no amp studying when the spa was working, the heater aspect is lousy.

What to do if heater aspect assessments great through these exams, but does not heat spa, in the course of normal procedure. Remember step 5 in the voltage test. You eliminated the filter. Check issue of filter, run spa for 24 hrs without having filter in position to see if spa heats generally. If spa heats usually with filter out, swap filter with new.

Now be knowledgeable every warm tub / spa is distinctive. If you have a digital technique, make note of any shown error codes. The new digital methods on the spas now will do significantly of the troubleshooting for you if you know what it is telling you, but let’s leave that for yet another write-up although.

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