Diagnosing and Restoring a Sta-Rite Pool and Spa Heater Utilizing a Systematic Approach – Section Just one

If the light-weight in the management pad on the leading of your Sta-Ceremony pool and spa heater that is labeled “support method” is lit, the subsequent need to be finished in buy to diagnose why your Sta-Rite heater is not doing work. A systematic method will aid to slender down the difficulty and probably fix it devoid of possessing to call for a fix human being. There are several issues that can go mistaken, but quite a few of the difficulties are only set with the use of a couple of primary applications. For this very first section you will only want a screw driver or a 5/16 nut driver and a primary multi-meter. Supplemental segments will go into other areas of the systematic challenge fixing.

Prior to commencing any analysis there are a number of issues that want to be checked. These merchandise are the to start with two issues to examine on any fuel heater. This is a gasoline heater, so initial is the gasoline to the heater turned on and do you have more than enough fuel in the tank. Subsequent is the electric to the heater on. Make confident all of the breakers and/or switches in the circuit to the heater are on. (By the way this previous merchandise ought to be the very first thing you look at on any piece of pool or spa devices that is not doing the job.)

Now get started with the basic principles. With no suitable water move the heater will not perform.

1. Is the pool pump managing? Not operating, NO h2o circulation.

2. Does the filter on the system need to be cleaned? All over again, if the water stream is compromised, the heater will not work. On a sand filter this is typically completed with a very simple back again clean to take away dirt and debris. A DE filter probably aided with a back again clean or could require a far more thorough cleansing. A cartridge filter may require to have the cartridge eradicated and cleaned totally or changed if it is old and cleaning does not boost the water circulation.

3. Are all the valves in the method in the appropriate positions? Maybe the circulation to the heater has been turned off. And all over again the consequence is NO heat. Or some of the circulation possibly by-handed absent from the heater or limited and the heater does not have plenty of movement to function.

4. The final product beneath h2o move would be a poor h2o pressure switch. To get to the drinking water tension switch and be equipped to check it, you need to have to initial take away the 2 piece outer shell from the heater. You will have to have to get rid of the four screws keeping the sides together. The screws can be taken out with a normal screwdriver or a 5/16 nut driver or socket wrench. The strain switch is then observed on the leading right side of the drinking water manifold as you confront it. With your electric powered meter on ohms, the tension switch really should study as a dead small. The meter will go through or will beep. This is the exact consequence you will get if you established your meter to ohms and contact the 2 leads on the meter with each other. If it reads open you have a challenge. Open is a meter reading through of almost nothing or a meter that reads like you have a meter which is on and switched to ohms and the leads are not touching anything at all. If you have verified that you have great h2o circulation your pressure switch is almost certainly poor. You will will need to get a new tension switch and put in it. If you get something on your meter other than a useless short (shut) or a reliable open up, you have a difficulty. Something in among means you could have a change likely bad or dirty contacts. Make sure you have excellent contacts. Cleanse the contacts and attempt your readings all over again.

To switch the strain swap if it requirements to be accomplished. First convert off the pool pump. Then convert off the ability to the heater. Take away the wires from the swap and unscrew the swap by turning it counterclockwise. Screw the new force change in clockwise, staying cautious to put it in straight. It is plastic and has good threads and can be destroyed very easily. Then hook up the wires. I would propose that if you have the skill that you place new connectors on the wires, but if they are cleanse and intact it is not an complete necessity. Flip on the pool pump and then switch on the electricity. You can now close up the heater with its four screws and in a little while delight in your heated pool.

This phase has only dealt with 1 of the most frequent motives that a pool and spa heater does not work and heat your pool or spa. Arrive again for the continuing ways to go further more.

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